Olle Granath has curated this winter’s exhibition Axel Sjöberg – Between the Islets and Skerries, portraying life and people in the Stockholm archipelago. In connection with the exhibition, Sven-Harry’s is also showing Långviksskär – After Axel Sjöberg, featuring Martin Karlsson Tebus, Ulrika Sparre, and Frida Tebus, all of whom received the Archipelago Foundation’s Axel Sjöberg scholarship in 2016.

Sven-Harry's home

We offer guided tours of Sven-Harry’s home daily.  
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Next up! Urban Larsson

"Being a oil painter in the traditional sense of the world I´m often asked why I paint as I do. My first answer is that it is a matter of personal taste and temperament. I´v always preferred figurative art and the brush and oil paint are to my liking." Urban Larsson Read more

The art gallery

We offer varied exhibitions in the art gallery.
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The terrace

Visit our beautiful terrace with sculptures and a fantastic view. Read more