Swedish Fashion: 2000–201523 May—31 Aug 2014

Around the turn of the millennium, the creativity of the Swedish fashion scene seemed to explode. The exhibition Swedish Fashion: 2000–2015 at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum in Stockholm explores the rapid aesthetic and conceptual transformation that took place during this eventful period.

The initiator Michael Elmenbeck and our guest curator Cia Jansson were invited by Sven-Harry’s Art Museum to design an exhibition devoted to Swedish fashion from 2000 to 2015. Assisted by a prominent selection jury consisting of the fashion journalists Susanna Strömquist, Susanne Ljung, Daniel Björk and Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, they have created a visually dazzling exhibition focusing on the primary trends and most innovative designs of the period.

What were the dominating silhouettes, colours, materials, techniques and garment cuts? Are there design elements from these years that could be regarded as specifically Swedish? And why does denim play such a prominent role in contemporary Swedish fashion?

The exhibition Swedish Fashion: 2000–2015 fills the entire exhibition space at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum. Visitors can enjoy a large number of unique key garments, sketches, photos and films by and with the fashion designers who changed the scene. Acne Studios, Cheap Monday, Ann-Sofie Back, Lovisa Burfitt, Rodebjer, Whyred, Carin Wester, Sandra Backlund, Helena Hörstedt, Patrik Söderstam, Martin Bergström, Bea Szenfeld, Ida Sjöstedt, Tiger of Sweden, V Ave Shoe Repair, Nakkna, Dagmar, AltewaiSaome and Ida Klamborn are a few of the labels represented in the exhibition.

Swedish Fashion: 2000-2015 charts the triumps, the phenomena and the tendencies that shaped the image of Swedish fashion in the first 15 years of the new millennium. The collection shown is unique and was made possible by the dedication of the Swedish fashion scene.


Michael Elmenbeck is the founder of award-winning magazines Bon and Bon International. He also founded Letterhead, which operates Studio Bon for fashion and lifestyle assignments; he co-founded the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and is a board member of Sven-Harry’s Art Museum.

Cia Jansson is the creative director of ELLE and has monitored the Swedish fashion scene at close range since the early1990s, initially as a fashion student at the Beckmans College of Design, and later as a stylist, illustrator and fashion editor at Damernas Värld, and at ELLE since 1998.