Eight decades in the world of Peter Dahl

Art policy scandals, burlesques and bar scenes. Incisive portraits, relationship dramas and illustrations of Fredman’s Epistles. Peter Dahl’s rich and varied body of work is well-known and has manifested itself over the years in countless spectacular breakthroughs.

     ̶  “My subject matter hasn’t really changed since my teens,” Peter notes in an interview. “They are baroque scenes and living room scenes.”

Obviously, it is not just any old living room that is depicted in Peter Dahl’s world. Whether his art is about “reality” is less important, the artist has consistently claimed over the years, because if the expression is right, no art is non-political, since we are all individuals and social beings.

This retrospective presents the oeuvre and underlying driving force of one of Sweden’s most prominent and famous contemporary artists, from the war years of the 1940s to what will probably be Peter Dahl’s last painting, a triple self-portrait from 2016.