4PM Self Build Workshop at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum

Build your own chaise longue! As part of the design exhibition Massproductions –Sculptures from the Factory, you can make your own 4PM Self Build in a guided workshop. And of course, you will get to take home your hand-made chaise longue after the workshop.

Price: SEK 2,500/chaise longue (not per person)

Includes: Materials, tools, certificate, Massproductions-branded sign, one 4PM Self Build

Number: Max three people/chaise longue

Buy tickets via this link.

In 1974, acclaimed Italian designer Enzo Mari released the book Autoprogettazione, containing drawings of 19 pieces of furniture to build oneself. In a tribute to Enzo Mari, Massproductions released the 4PM Self Build in 2022, in which you build your own chaise longue using drawings and materials from your local hardware store. Instructions and drawings for the 4PM Self Build were released as downloads in 2022, free of cost on Massproductions’ website. Today, over 1,200 people have downloaded the drawings and hand-made 4PM Self Builds can be found world-wide. The 4PM Self Build is designed by Massproductions’ designer-in-chief Chris Martin.