Detalj ur: Astrid Kruse Jensen "Within the landscape" #08

Detalj ur: Astrid Kruse Jensen "Disappearing into the past" #60 2010

Fotograf: Per Myrehed

Fotograf: Per Myrehed

Within The Landscape

The Danish artist Astrid Kruse Jensen (b. 1975) invites the spectator to a journey down memory lane, to the borderland between the conscious and subconscious.  This exhibition features her latest photographic serial works, Disappering Into the Past and Within the Landscape.

In both suites, the artist has used an old Polaroid camera and film that has long passed its use by date. As a consequence, she has not been able to influence the development process. This is precisely what fascinates the artist – the uncontrollable. In these series,  the chemical processes determine the end result. This entails that some of the subjects are not captured as intended; an abstract subject may be layered on a figurative one, creating a dual motif.

The photo series Disappering Into the Past has an ambiguous quality between dreaminess and melancholy.  These pictures were taken in the Swedish forests. They contrast sharply to Within the Landscape, which portrays the broad landscapes of the Danish west coast.

The exhibition is complemented by the art film The House Inside Her. This work is not narrative, but a lyrical poem in pictures instead of words, where the viewer is left to supply the context and interpretations. The plot has been taken from the classic narrative form and transplanted into the mind of the female lead, into a house with dark corridors and rooms where water is dripping – and into a yearning for the lush expanses of nature outside the palatial windows. The sensual experience is manifested in wooden structures that are installed in various places in the exhibition room. Each structure is either sinking through the floor or emanating from it. These provisional structures mimic the appearance of houses; but they are sealed, like our memory, disproportionate and beguiling to the beholder. Together they form a landscape, A Landscape of the Past.