Marcus Larson, Brinnande ångbåt, olja på duk, 1800-talets mitt

Thomas Ewerhard, Jorn - The Gathering, 2007.

Foto Per Myrehed

Foto Per Myrehed

Gothic horror landscapes

Many contemporary subcultures take a fervent interest in gothic horror and dramatic landscapes. But not everyone knows that this pictorial genre is more than 150 years old, with roots in 18th and 19th century romantic literature and imagery. Sweden’s foremost representative of romantic painting is Marcus Larson. He was fascinated by the inscrutable and strange, and his landscapes are often characterised by a peculiar and disturbing atmosphere where we sense that some horrifying event is about to take place.

In this exhibition, which brings together disparate visual genres, we present 19th-century painting, hard rock album sleeves and landscapes from the contemporary world of computer games.

In association with Göteborgs Konstmuseum