"Plank" 2008. Foto: Noak Lönn

Foto: Noak Lönn

Foto: Jesper Ulvelius

Foto: Jesper Ulvelius

Parts are interrelated and supported

Sven-Harry’s Art Museum was inaugurated with an exhibition of Lars Kleen’s work.

Lars Kleen was born in 1941 in Stockholm. He trained as a painter in Copenhagen and Cracow but left painting behind him and started to construct his own works, which he gradually chose to call constructions. This, his own, artistic designation reflects the expression that is unlike anything else. Simultaneously both the shapes and material continuously remind the viewer that there is something familiar there and also an evasive element. Since the end of the 1960s, he has consistently worked with his constructions and gradually developed his own expression, unique in Sweden.

Initially you are struck by the monumental scale and the rough material when standing in front of one of Lars Kleen’s constructions, as though you had been transported to an abandoned building site or ruins of a catastrophe. The titles make similar references: Kaj (Quay), Tromb (Tornado), Plank, Plan. But if you approach the work, you see a care taken in the material and crafting, how each piece of the construction has been carefully selected and treated, how the parts hang together and support each other, often in a way that seems to defy the laws of physics.

The exhibition at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum is composed of five pieces partly reworked and adapted to the rooms of the museum. Lars Kleen seldom considers that any one of his works is totally finished. Time, space and chance all have the prerogative to alter them.