Meta Isæus–Berlin, Återblickenss transparance, 2004. Installation, organza 11 X 2 X 2,5 m.

A replica of a replica

An exhibition that in different ways relates to what a ”real” home is, how we create it and what perceptions we have about it. Ideas about the home are represented in the works in the exhibition. These can be expressed in the individual’s ambitions to achieve order or to retrospectively attempt to recapture something that has disappeared. Another starting point can be the structural conformity of the individual in a social system. Per Hasselberg, in his Caravan project, tests what is needed to be a fully-fledged citizen, and to conform to the large “family” of society. 

Participating artists:
Aida Chehregosha,Meta Isæus-Berlin, Per Hasselberg, Anna Hylander, Einar Hylander, Kristina Jansson, Eva Kerek, Hyun-Jin Kwak, Carl Larsson, Lars Lerin, Carl-Oskar Linné, Klara Kristalova och New Beauty Council.