© Stig T Karlsson, "Flottare i lilla Luleälv" 1957

© Stig T Karlsson

Short meetings

The photographer Stig T Karlsson (b. 1930) presents a compelling vision of the world in black and white. Not a true nor fair image, but with a desire to say something about people’s different realities. Our focus is on the exhibition Korta möten (Short Encounters), compiled by Stig T for Malmö Konsthall in 1983. His photos reflect relationships, belonging and class, weaving a web that encompasses the entire world.

The pictures of his daughter Lisa, who dined in front of his camera for a whole year, now form a link between his photography and the patchwork quilts that Lisa Karlsson is showing at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum. For many years, Lisa has worked in a Swedish crafts tradition, making quilts inspired by art and nature. Brother and uncle; father and daughter. An encounter.